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CPD Hours 12.5


Human Factors Alumni is an exclusive opportunity for anyone who has previously participated in our Human Factors in Health and Safety course to refresh their knowledge of human factors and reflect on their current implementation strategy.

Participants will learn about the latest thinking and new developments in the field. Facilitated workshop sessions will focus on specific human factors interventions at a deeper level of practical application, enabling delegates to further develop their understanding of how human factors in undertaken in practice. 

This is an excellent opportunity for past Human Factors delegates to share their experiences of putting their learning into practice and gain feedback on their approaches.

Learning outcomes

  • Reflect on how the human factors strategy at your own organisations may need to be refined (including how it may need to be measured/reviewed to ensure its continued effectiveness and to ensure that it has sufficient coverage)
  • Consider different approaches for tackling existing human factors issues by understanding the latest developments in the human factors discipline
  • Further direct and embed practical human factors solutions within your own organisation by learning about the new tools and techniques that can be used by the human factors coordinator but also those that can be used by operational frontline staff to more comprehensively embed human factors within their organisation

Who will benefit

Human Factors Alumni is aimed at those who have completed the full Human Factors in Health and Safety programme (all four modules) but is open to anyone who has completed at least one module. There will be pre-reading to ensure there is a common basic level of understanding applicable to the event.

Course outline

  • Review of participants’ human factors implementation programmes and their progress to date (prior summary submission will be required of each participant and feedback will be shared during the course)
  • Recent developments in human factors (including the integration of human factors within process safety, new tools/techniques, and the latest focus for the human factors discipline)
  • Specific human factors interventions (this will be decided nearer the course date according to the specific needs of participants, but may include measuring/developing human factors strategies, human performance tools and techniques for operational staff, and more detailed instruction on ‘selected’ human factors methods)
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