Production, Process and Emergency Systems on Oil and Gas Installations

Location Aberdeen, UK

Date 6th December 2021

Duration 3 days

Topic Process Plant

CPD Hours 21

Price IChemE member £2,342.70 + VAT, non-member £2,603 + VAT

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This hands-on course uses case studies, video, and dynamic simulation to provide an in-depth analysis of what constitutes an offshore oil/gas production and processing facility. A comprehensive study of the safety systems required on offshore facilities.

Course outline

  • Hydrocarbon engineering
  • Oil and gas reservoirs
  • Oil and gas separation
  • Gas compression and treatment
  • Produced and injection waters
  • Utility systems
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Fire and gas protection systems

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will understand:

  • the characteristics of the various types of oil/gas reservoirs
  • the most applicable production option for exploiting the reservoir
  • the primary processing technology used to separate the fluids
  • the gas processing needed for disposal of associated or produced gas
  • what support utilities are required for both production and life support on the facility
  • the design of an Emergency Shutdown System and how to read a Cause and Effect Diagram
  • the commonly used fire and gas detectors for offshore facilities.

Who will benefit

Engineers and process personnel who are working on offshore platforms, or working for a regulatory body which oversees the industry.

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