The training approval process can take as little as 4-8 weeks if the course content meets the required standard after a single peer review phase and appropriately knowledgeable peer reviewers are immediately available. A typical peer review is completed 10-12 weeks after payment has been received.

If the content requires further modification or the topic area is particularly specialist, the process can take a little longer.

Peer review feedback is given in writing. A time limit of 12 months, from receipt of the application, is enforced to re-submit or revise applications and complete the three-stage peer review process.

To protect your intellectual property and copyright, IChemE signs a non-disclosure agreement before beginning the peer review process.

Next steps

  1. Apply
  2. Non-disclosure agreement signed
  3. Pay
  4. Peer review
  5. First feedback (re-submit to meet required standard — if required)
  6. Second feedback (re-submit to meet required standards — if required)
  7. Third feedback (re-submit to meet required standards — if required)
  8. Notification of final decision — pass/fail

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