An Introduction to Process Safety and the Safety Case

Topic Safety

CPD Hours 10

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The first mentor-driven personalised distance learning course within the oil and gas industry, utilising empirical research in neuroscience and education to produce material retention of up to 95%.

The course introduces the Safety Case, MAH, SECE, process safety and the critical behaviours for working in an oil and gas environment. Everything is personalised to the individual with detailed assurance of knowledge available upon completion.

The course structure adapts to the individual needs of every learner, personalising itself to account for existing knowledge and current rate of learning. This provides each learner with their own path to content mastery. A mentor validates progress and ensures correct understanding of how, personally, they play their part in the prevention of a major accident.

Learners are kept engaged whilst proven learning strategies are shared, enabling them to learn more effectively in the future.

Course outline

  • Safety case introduction: the what, why and when
  • Major accident hazards: what are they and how do we protect against them
  • Safety and Environmental Critical Elements: What are SECEs, how do they keep us safe, how do we manage and maintain them and why is that important
  • Process safety: introduction to the Swiss cheese model and to people, plant and process terminology
  • Assurance: Introduction to the assurance process for management of MAHs and how everyone plays their part
  • Critical safety behaviours: 25 different situational questions based on actual industry events across 3 categories: in-transit, on the job, off shift

Learning outcomes

  • Create new neural networks within the brain, acquiring knowledge and skills then having them readily available from memory so you can keep yourself and your colleagues safe in an offshore environment
  • Create a foundation of knowledge in Process Safety, MAH and the required safety behaviours for working in an offshore environment.
  • An embedded awareness and understanding of the safety case, its contents and how you contribute to keeping the industry safe
  • An understanding of the critical safety behaviours required for safe working in the Oil and Gas industry
  • An understanding of learning strategies and how to benefit from them in the future
  • Increased future engagement on the course contents
  • Increased safety and operational performance

Who will benefit

The course will be hugely beneficial to those wanting to learn the foundations of process safety and the safety case. People looking to gain employment offshore and those of limited experience of the topic.

Companies who want to improve their compliance with the HASAWA 1974 2.2 c) and create a foundation of knowledge within their business.

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