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Kennedy Wunsch Lecture

What is it?

The Kennedy-Wunsch flagship lecture recognises the role that Miles Kennedy and Donald Sandys Wunsch have played in chemical engineering in New Zealand. The inaugural lecture was presented in September 2010, where Miles Kennedy summarised his and Wunsch’s contribution to the chemical and process industries in New Zealand.

Wunsch was a founding member of IChemE, a recognised figure in the lactose industry, and encouraged the founding of a chemical engineering department at Canterbury University in New Zealand. Kennedy is a pioneer of chemical engineering, particularly in education in New Zealand. With a career spanning over five decades he made has made key contributions not only to chemical engineering, but also to the broader engineering profession, university system, and the wider community of New Zealand.

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2010, Early Days of Chemical Engineering in New Zealand

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2011, A Chemical Engineer in New Zealand

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2012, A Chemical Engineer in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2013, The Responsibility of Being a Chemical Engineer

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2014, A Chemical Engineer's Role in Design, Operations, Project Management, Consulting and Governance

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2015, Technology at Massey University

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2016, Developing processes for commercialisation-successes and roadblocks

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2017, Particles over a lifetime

Kennedy-Wunsch Lecture 2018, Where did I go wrong, Dr Tim Dobbie

      Unknown photographer           Donald F. Sandys Wunsch          Collection of Puke Ariki, New Plymouth (ARC2003-23)

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