01 May 2017

SAIChE IChemE Gauteng Member Group AGM 2017

The Gauteng branch AGM 2017 was held directly after the national AGM at the same venue. This arrangement worked very well and allowed interested members to attend both events. The affairs of the AGM were handled swiftly, with our financials in good order and a strong committee holding regular events.

The speaker, Mariette Liefferink held the audience in rapt attention for the 30 minutes she spoke on the water situation in South Africa, but impressed everyone even more with her command of the facts when answering questions after the talk. As usual, there was a congenial atmosphere with old regulars to the meeting mingling with some fresh faces.

These are the SAIChE IChemE Gauteng committee:

Chair: Carl Sandrock

Vice Chair: Danielle Bearman

Secretary: Doctor Tshikotshi

Treasurer: Linda Jewell

Public Relations: Zita Harber and Qasim Fakir

Catering: John Bewsey

IChemE Contact: Nirvanna Ramparsad

Members of committee: Shaan Oosthuizen, Michael Daramola, Celo Mausse


Speaker, Mariette Liefferink


Written by Carl Sandrock on behalf of the Gauteng members group.

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