Become a chemical engineer

The below outlines how to become a chemical engineer in South Africa.

Required high school subjects

  • Mathematics - a higher grade with a B or a C symbol
  • Physical science - higher grade with at least a C symbol


If you have these subjects on higher grade but you have D symbols, some universities will still consider you. You will have to write an admission exam and will probably be enrolled for an extended program.

A good knowledge of computers and programming will be useful although it is not a prerequisite.

How long does it take?

The BScEng degree is a four year, full time course. The diploma course (offered at Universities of Technologies)  is a three year, full time course. At the end of the three years, a six month training period in industry is required to obtain the diploma. The diploma can be advanced to a B.Tech degree by a further year of study. 

Course fees and bursaries

Course fees differ from institution to institution. Contact your institution of choice for information on their fees. Bursaries and scholarships are available from various institutions and companies.


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