Member Groups

What are Member Groups?

A network of Member Groups operates wherever there are numerous IChemE members. They are made up of local volunteers in IChemE membership who support the regional community of IChemE members by providing a local programme of activity.

What do Member Groups do?

Member Groups organise events, networking opportunities and co-ordinate local mentoring/CPD support. They provide support to chemical engineers striving to achieve Corporate membership by holding Get Chartered sessions and facilitating the Mentoring process. Their activity programmes offer opportunities for members to network, share ideas and promote the discipline at a regional level, and are tailored to meet local needs. Typical events include technical seminars, site visits and social events.

How do I find out what’s happening in my region?

Use the menu on the left to find out what's going on in your area.

Get involved and reap the benefits

Getting involved in local IChemE activity provides an ideal opportunity to continue your professional development and share ideas with fellow professionals. The more you participate, the greater the benefits.

You might even like to consider joining your local committee. Committees consist of three officers - chair, secretary and treasurer - and a flexible number of ordinary members. Roles of responsibility vary from group to group but could include web administrator, publicity officer, mentor co-ordinator, or schools liaison officer. Contact your local chair from their member group website to find out more.


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