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Events 2012

Date: 16 February 2012
Ends: 16 February 2012
Location: England
Description: Biomax is offering a 40% discount to BESIG members for "The 2012 London Regenerative Medicine” conference taking place on Thursday February 16th 2012 - book now to secure your place!
Date: 02 May 2012
Ends: 02 May 2012
Location: England
Description: Following are the two speakers who will present two different aspects of the progress we are making with biofuels in the UK.

1. Dr Chenyu Du, Lecturer at Nottingham University, will provide an overview of recent trends in the supply of first generation biofuels and related conversion technologies. He will then cover technologies and challenges related to second generation biofuels (which use wide ranging agricultural residues as feedstock) and bioethanol research programme at Nottingham University.

2. Garry Punter, Head of Engineering, will provide a brief overview of AB Sugar’s commitments in energy and environment and then focus on the Wissington story – dealing with the planning and commissioning of the bioethanol plant and touching on their new anaerobic digestion plant which is to be built at the same site.

Venue : Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, Shinfield Park, Reading, Berkshire RG2 9FW. (See the Poster for direction)

Timing: Snack & Refreshment from 6.00m with 6.30pm start(expected to close by 8.30pm)

This is free networking event and is open to all, but you are advised to book your place early by emailing, specifying your name, company and contact details.
Date: 09 August 2012
Ends: 09 August 2012
Location: England
Date: 13 September 2012
Ends: 13 September 2012
Location: England
Description: Following the highly successful Leading IB: Focus on Biorefining and Biocatalysis, the third workshop in the series which focuses on Bio-based Products is now open for registration.
Date: 28 September 2012
Ends: 28 September 2012
Location: England
Date: 16 October 2012
Ends: 16 October 2012
Location: England
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Date: 22 November 2012
Ends: 22 November 2012
Location: England
Description: The Annual Awards Conference and Exhibition will take place at the Harrogate Majestic Hotel, Ripon Road, Harrogate, and the Dinner will be held at the Harrogate International Centre on Thursday 22nd November 2012.
The theme for the conference is Competitive Advantage from Risk Based Approaches. Hear case studies from leading manufacturers and industry experts demonstrating how risk based approaches have given real benefits to the bottom line as well as improving quality, safety, productivity and plant reliability.
Date: 28 November 2012
Ends: 29 November 2012
Location: England
Description: This year’s conference is taking place on Wednesday 28th November and Thursday 29th November 2012 at the Grand Hotel. The conference networking dinner (included in ticket prices) will be held at the Wills Memorial Building on the evening of the 28th November 2012.
Date: 30 November 2012
Ends: 30 November 2012
Location: United Kingdom
Date: 04 December 2012
Description: This webinar is designed to help people interested in promoting sustainability in their work. The methodology is useful where choices must be made between options; also where targets must be set and progress monitored, for example in process selection or plant operation. Participants will gain an understanding of the role of sustainability metrics, and of the benefits of this type of holistic analysis.
Date: 06 December 2012
Ends: 06 December 2012
Location: England
Description: The aim is to get local biotechnology companies to present to engineers, local media and politicians, with the opportunity to network and share discussions on technical solutions. Each company will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to present.

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