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28 October 2010

IChemE Subject Groups to lead on technical strategy

IChemE published A Roadmap for 21st Century Chemical Engineering in May 2007 and the document clarified the Institution’s position on a range of industry issues and outlined 6 action plans in the areas of Sustainability and Sustainable Chemical Technology; Health, Safety, Environment and Public Perception of Risk; Energy – Securing reliable and affordable supplies in the near term; Food and drink; Water; and Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering.

The revised technical strategy will invite all IChemE members to share their thoughts on the future of both the profession and the Institution. Technical Projects Manager Sam Turney said: “Our Subject Groups will have an important role to play in the review of the Institution’s technical strategy. Almost 4 years will have passed by the time the project begins and it will be the ideal opportunity to review the progress we have already made and determine our future priorities.”

For more information about the technical strategy review, contact Sam Turney.

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