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11 September 2016

Green Biologics and Acme Hardesty target biobased esters

Green Biologics and Acme Hardesty are extending their distribution relationship in n-butanol and acetone into a joint development agreement for 100% biobased esters. Under the terms of the agreement, Green Biologics will supply biobased n-butanol and isopropyl alcohol—produced from renewable acetone—from its plant in Little Falls, Minnesota. Acme Hardesty, a leading supplier of biobased chemicals, will source the acids and oils needed to produce the esters, which will include isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, butyl myristate, butyl palmitate, butyl stearate, butyl oleate, and dibutyl sebacate. Other high-value esters may be added in the future. Source: Biofuels Digest. 11/9/2016

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