Clean Energy Special Interest Group
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Events 2012

Date: 21 February 2012
Ends: 21 February 2012
Location: England
Date: 27 March 2012
Ends: 27 March 2012
Location: England
Description: One day event organised by the Energy Conversion Technology Special Interest Group. Presentations will be given by engineers from E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd.
Date: 28 March 2012
Ends: 28 March 2012
Location: England
Date: 09 May 2012
Description: Members of the Enviornment Special Interest Group can replay a recording of this webinar free of charge, and view the slides. Visit the Resources area and log in with your membership number and PIN / password to access the webinar archive.
Date: 25 June 2012
Ends: 25 June 2012
Location: England
Date: 16 November 2012
Ends: 16 November 2012
Description: Organised by the Sustainability Special Interest Group this free webinar will address the topic of carbon footprinting. After an introduction to the topic, a range of examples spanning the chemical, energy and food sectors will be provided to illustrate how carbon footprint can be estimated.
Date: 19 November 2012
Ends: 19 November 2012
Location: United Kingdom
Date: 04 December 2012
Description: This webinar is designed to help people interested in promoting sustainability in their work. The methodology is useful where choices must be made between options; also where targets must be set and progress monitored, for example in process selection or plant operation. Participants will gain an understanding of the role of sustainability metrics, and of the benefits of this type of holistic analysis.

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