Events 2018

Date: 01 February 2018
Location: Webinar
Description: A webinar organised by IChemE's Clean Energy Special Interest Group.
This webinar is based on a key strand of the technology involved in delivering bioenergy in the UK. The speaker, John Baldwin, will first outline technologies involved in cleaning biogas from anaerobic digestion plants based on organic matter and upgrading it to required standards for injection into the UK national grid. The webinar will also cover the current state and trends in the biomethane plants; challenges faced by the developers including regulatory and technical (gas cleaning, standards and grid injection interface), and present a case study.
Date: 22 March 2018
Location: Australia
Description: Dramatically rising energy prices means that Australian businesses need to find efficiency gains or cheaper energy sources to remain competitive. This course will outline strategies for dealing with both sides of energy costs: reducing energy demand and lower cost energy options. Both power and thermal heat will be addressed against the backdrop of the current market landscape and technology options that are proven and economically viable.

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