Consultancy Special Interest Group
17 April 2015

New Arrivals to the ConsultSiG committee

Anishta Heeramun and Florence Chow have joined the committee as the Acting Secretary and Acting Newsletter Editor. Here you can find their biographies and details of their contribution to the SIG.

Please let us know if you would like to become involved with the ConsultSIG in some way.

Anishta HeeramunAnishta Heeramun

Anishta is a freelance sustainability consultant based in Mauritius.  I am mainly involved in the optimising building energy performance of buildings and devising ways for companies to operate in a more sustainable manner.  Prior to becoming a freelance consultant, I worked at Prodesign, a Mauritian building services consultancy company, where I specialised in building energy performance analysis.

I joined IChemE as a student at the University of Nottingham (UK).  Since last September, I joined the Consultancy SIG as the acting secretary.  As secretary to the SIG, I am not only the minute-taker of committee meetings but also coordinate meetings so as to ensure that everyone is free to attend and have been able to complete any actions assigned to them. 

My involvement with the SIG has given me an insight of how organisations work, particularly in terms of management.  One of the most interesting committee meetings I have attended so far was the one where budget for the SIG was being discussed.  This one-hour meeting had given me a far better insight of how organisations plan their expenses and generate income, than any other textbook or accounting lectures could have. 

Volunteering for a SIG as international as the Consultancy SIG, has definitely helped me develop some soft skills which were harder to acquire as a junior employee.  Besides the Consultancy SIG, I am also the events coordinator for the Mauritian IChemE Steering Committee.

Florence Chow

Florence ChowI have been inspired by my co-supervisor, Professor Geoffrey Maitland, to become more involved with the professional Chemical Engineering network through participation in IChemE’s activities. Since January 2015, I have volunteered to be the acting ConsultSIG Newsletter Editor.

After a four year Chemical Engineering MEng degree at Imperial College London, I have continued on to study towards a PhD in Carbonates and Carbon Research, which is funded by the Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre (QCCSRC). In my project, I designed and built a custom high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) rig in-house, suitable for performing experimental measurements of Thermophysical properties, involving carbon dioxide-reservoir fluid systems with impurities typically found in carbon storage streams.

I have had the opportunity to work on a consulting project as a part of my PhD, lasting three months, with Imperial Consultants (ICON). This experience of the profession has been intriguing. Becoming the Newsletter Editor has helped me better understand the demand for chemical engineering consultants and what makes them good at what they do.

I hope to bring value to the ConsultSIG by using my curiosity and a fresh mind-set, to seek and find articles that are relevant and useful to the ConsultSIG members. These topics can range from being more efficient at work, advertising and networking to find the next job, providing value to the clients, advice for independent consultants, and soft skills that are useful for career development.

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