Consultancy Special Interest Group
20 June 2016

ConsultSIG Value Proposition 2016

As approved at the Consult SIG AGM 2016.



We hope to send you 6 editions of our wonderful newsletter each year, but we will always focus on quality rather than quantity in this respect.

We have issued 8 editions to date, but Florence Chow had to stand down from the newsletter editor role earlier this year. Anishta Heeramun has agreed to move across from her excellent job as our Secretary, so we are confident that we will get back to a bimonthly service soon.

If you would like to join Anishta’s editorial team, or submit an article for consideration please get in touch.


We hope to deliver 6 quality webinars in the coming 12 months. While our webinars are currently free for the world to attend live, there has been talk that we may make at least some of them members-only. Let us know what you think of this proposal.

As a ConsultSIG member you can also watch any of our past webinars whenever you like. There are already 12 that you can access in our back catalogue

Folake Abass has done a wonderful job of revitalising our webinar programme with bimonthly events already scheduled for the remainder of 2016:

Our next webinar is on 12 July with Sarah Fox of 500 word contracts speaking on “Five Steps to Writing a Contract", see the announcement and sign up link here.  Following this we have Harold Lewis on “Bids Tenders and Proposals: Winning Business through Best Practice” in September, then our own Andrew Campbell on “Digital Signatures and Document Markup” in November.

LinkedIn Discussions

The decision to open our LinkedIn discussions to the world has worked well as it both draws in expertise from the wider world (helping us rapidly build critical mass) and it acts as a shop window to the ConsultSIG. We have had some wonderful and some quite heated debates in the LinkedIn group as well as a good amount of advice given on numerous topics.

Local Meetings

In 2016/17 we hope to finally introduce local ConsultSIG meetings. A number of them are currently being planned by “Local Chapters” of the ConsultSIG. Depending on the catering and sponsorship arrangements, these will either be free for ConsultSIG members or heavily discounted. If you would like to help lead a Local Chapter in your area please let us know.

Mentoring Scheme

Follow this link to sign up as a ConsultSIG Mentor or Mentee.

Group Discounts

David Hough has also had to stand down as Membership & Marketing officer, so if you’d like group discounts and other member benefits (like our annual prize draw), or would rather develop other strategies to grow our numbers and increase benefits please volunteer to take over this role. The more of us there are, the more likely we can cut some good deals. Let us know if you can think of a discount that would serve us all.

Standard Contract

As a member of our Consultancy Special Interest Group, you are entitled to access IChemE’s new Silver Book Short Form - Professional Services Contract free of charge for one year. To take up this offer please contact and supply them with your name, membership number and email address.


Speaking of value propositions: why should our clients pay for expert advice, rather than just going straight to a vendor or two who will advise them free of charge? We have been publishing articles on consultancy in tce and other outlets. And hope to further push the value of independent consultation through IChemE and the industry.

Members Directory

We are currently developing the IChemE directory (infrastructure led by Andrew Campbell, expertise categorization consultation led by Martin Currie) which aims to be a detailed members skill directory & more, the aim is that this will greatly expand on the current C&C file, both in terms of breadth and depth. The current alpha test site is available at please let us know your thoughts by raising a support ticket on the site.

Legislation Alerts

Once the basic functionality of the Members Directory is well established we aim to develop a system so we can alert each other to changes in legislation. The aim is that you can sign up to send and receive updates on legislation within your technical area and geography - join the discussion on Legislation Alerts here, and volunteer to help.

Consultancy Clusters

While not currently endorsed by IChemE, some members have expressed interest in pooling business development costs around certain subject areas. If you would like to act as a first point of contact for your subject area please let us know.

Distance Learning

In addition to webinars, we have had discussions with IChemE’s training department on the possibility of providing longer paid online courses, with a significant discount for ConsultSIG members. Let us know if you have a consultancy training need that you think we could help meet by distance learning.

Other Benefits

Please tell us if there is another benefit that we haven’t listed above that you think the ConsultSIG can/should bring.

by Martin Currie
ConsultSIG Chair 

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