Consultancy Special Interest Group

Mentoring scheme

The Consultancy Special Interest Group's 2013 survey of 1500 consultants and employers of consultants indicated clear demand for access to mentoring to support professional development. In response, the group has developed a mentoring scheme for its members.

All members of the Consultancy Special Interest Group have the opportunity to approach a mentor, with a view to benefiting from their wisdom, experience and knowledge of their area of expertise. By supporting the development of fellow Consultancy Special Interest Group members, the mentor is not only building networks and sharing best practice, but also engaging in continuing professional development by developing new skills such as coaching.


The ConsultSIG Mentoring scheme runs independently of existing schemes (eg, IChemE’s corporate mentoring for Chartership), and is restricted to ConsultSIG members only (ie, for both mentors and mentees).

Activity platform

The global business networking site, LinkedIn, provides a meeting place for mentors and mentees participating on the scheme. A sub-group has been created within the ConsultSIG LinkedIn site for use by the mentoring scheme. It should be noted that this is not intended to be used as a mode of communication. Although generic queries could be posted on the LinkedIn platform, we advise that issues/items which carry some degree of confidentiality should be taken up directly with the mentor via other modes of communication, eg email, Skype, telephone, etc. However, this should be agreed in advance by the mentor and mentee.

Operating guidelines

  1. If you are interested in joining the Mentoring Scheme either as a Mentor or a Mentee and are a member of the ConsultSIG*, please join the IChemE ConsultSIG Mentoring LinkedIn Group here.
  2. IChemE will check your membership status to ensure that the group is private and accessible to ConsultSIG members only.
  3. If you would like to be a mentor after your ConsultSIG membership status has been verified, please add the exact search phrase “IChemE ConsultSIG Mentor” to your LinkedIn profile. You may optionally start a discussion in the IChemE ConsultSIG Mentoring LinkedIn Group, to let potential Mentees know more about yourself, your approach, and what type of Mentee may find your Mentoring most beneficial. If you are a Mentee please either browse the discussions to find a Mentor or do a search for the exact phrase “IChemE ConsultSIG Mentor” along with any other keywords, to find your ideal mentor.
  4. Once you have found your Mentor/Mentee please download and complete the ConsultSIG Mentoring Agreement, and ensure that you each have signed copies in advance of your first meeting. Acting mentors are hereby reminded of their obligations as IChemE members as detailed in the IChemE’s rules of professional conduct.


*If you are not a member of the ConsultSIG please first join here.

Getting involved

If you are interested in getting involved either as a mentor or as a mentee, then please contact us.

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