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The toxicological and regulatory challenges posed by the chemical complexity of refined oil products

Date From: 10 September 2018
Description: A one-hour webinar from the IChemE Energy SIG, presented by Professor Timothy Gant.
Event Type: Webinar
Venue: Online

Time: 11:00-12:00 BST
Organiser: Environment Special Interest Group

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This webinar will provide an introduction to Chemical Substances of Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex Reaction Products and Biological Materials (UVCB) using refined oil products as an example. Due to their complex and variable composition these products are hard to define chemically which leads to challenges in their regulation under Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) the main chemicals regulatory legislation for EU members. Currently the oil refinery industry categorises these products according to the process used in their manufacture and by chemical composition. While chemicals of known hazard (e.g. benzene and polycyclic hydrocarbons) are removed prior to sale that still leaves a lot of chemicals, little or untested for toxicity, contained in a complex mixture. Other examples of UVCB products are products perhaps not immediately apparent as being in this category such as kitchen cooking oils and perfumes. Together they define about 21% of the registered products under REACH. In this seminar we will look at some of the challenges these products pose for regulation and in brief one project that is exploring alternative options to facilitate regulation without causing under testing needs or burden. The webinar is aimed at anyone with an interest in chemicals, toxicity testing methods and chemical regulation.

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Prof. Timothy Gant is Head of the Department of Toxicology in the Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards; Public Health England; and Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Surrey. Undergraduate at the School of Pharmacy, University of London graduating BSc joint honours Toxicology and Pharmacology in 1985 and PhD in 1988. Joined the National Cancer Institute Bethesda Maryland, USA in 1988 in the laboratory of Dr Snorri S. Thorgeirsson and stayed until 1993 leaving for a position in the Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit (MRC-TU), Leicester, UK. Tenure achieved with the MRC in 2002. In Sept 2011 left the MRC to join Public Health England (then the Health Protection Agency) and transitioned to PHE in 2013 upon its formation. Served on the External Scientific Advisory Panel of the European Confederation of Chemical Industries for seven years and chaired for four years. Chair of the British Toxicology Society (BTS) Scientific Sub-Committee (2012-2018). Current chair of the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (Washington DC) Emerging Issues Committee. Member of the External Scientific Advisory Panel to the European Centre for the Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC).


A one-hour online session: 40 minutes' presentation + 20 minutes' Q&A.
Duration (for CPD recording purposes): up to one hour.

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