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26 April 2016

Environment Agency Loss Prevention Bulletin Special Now Available

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Produced with the support of the Environment SIG, the six case studies presented in this report provide a sobering reminder of the potential that high hazard sites have to harm the environment, in addition to the risks they pose to life and property. The incidents have been selected to be representative of a range of typical failures which contribute to major accidents and we share the details so that others can learn the lessons highlighted and act to reduce risk of future harm to people and the environment.

This report brings together a wealth of information gained from over a decade of incident investigations carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Environment Agency. Whilst the immediate causes of the accidents differ widely, the root causes are broadly similar (and unfortunately, all too familiar) whether impact is to people or the environment. By addressing these root causes the overall risk posed by high hazard sites should be reduced. In many cases this can be by implementation of measures contained in established Health, Safety and Pollution Prevention Guidance (HSGs and PPGs).

We welcome the role IChemE plays in sharing lessons from past accidents and hope that this special edition of the Loss Prevention Bulletin will find its way into the boardroom, providing a further catalyst to strengthening the leadership commitment necessary for improving process safety. This should prompt operators of high hazard sites to take a fresh look at their own facilities and consider whether there is more they can do to control their Major Accident risk.

Download for free from >>> http://bit.ly/EALPB

Toby Willison
Environment Agency, Executive Director of Operations

(This article originally appeared in AVERT 2015 - The IChemE Environment Special Interest Group Newsletter >>> http://bit.ly/avert2015)

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