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11 November 2015

Presentations from Professor John Marriott Smith memorial event

Professor John Marriott Smith made a major impact on the ubiquitous chemical engineering unit operation of mixing, especially his research related to gas-liquid and boiling reactors; and in the development of the infrastructure that supports academic-industrial collaboration. A series of presentations have been given by his colleagues, co-workers, previous students and collaborators in his memory. The following presentations can be seen clicking on the links.

Welcome & introduction to the memorial event: Gul Ozcan Taskin

Mixing with John Smith: Alvin W Nienow

Pseudo-turbulence and Real Vortices: Building on the Legacy of John Smith:  Michael Yianneskis given by Andrea Ducci

JMS: An Englishman in Delft:  Harry van den Akker

Stirring a Lake with Bubbles:  Gerrit van Duijn and Louis Goossens

Building on What John Smith Has Taught Us: Vortex Structures and Deformation Fields in High Shear Rotor-stator Mixers:  Richard V Calabrese

 Teaching with John Smith: A Learning Experience: Arthur W Etchells

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