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14 April 2016

Fluid Mixing Processes SIG Research Student Competition 2016

The annual Research Student Competition of the Fluid Mixing processes Special Interest Group of the IChemE, FMP-SIG, was held at Imperial College London on Thursday 07th April 2016 and was organised by Dr George Papadakis from the Dept. of Aeronautics (g.papadakis@ic.ac.uk ).

This competition provides UK-based PhD students the opportunity to present their research to a panel of academics and industrialists, and to receive feedback after a discussion session where their research is positively challenged. The competition prize for the winner is usually a travel grant to attend an upcoming Mixing Conference, where the winner goes on to present their paper to a wider audience. This year’s award was £500 to attend the MIXING XXV conference organised by the North American Mixing Forum in Quebec City, Canada from 26/06 to 01/07, 2016 (http://mixingxxv.ekomobi.com/home).

The event attracted about 20 attendees from academia and industry, comprising 10 student competitors. Each student was given 20 minutes to present their work, after which the floor was opened for 5 minutes for questions and open discussion from the audience. The high quality and diversity of the work presented demonstrates that the mixing community is very active in the UK.

A list of the competitors, with their affiliations and presentation title is given below:

Salur Basbug (Imperial College) “DNS Investigation of Mixing in a Stirred Tank with Regular and Fractal Blades”

Marti Cortada Garcia (University College London) “Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamic Studies of Mixing for Complex Oral Health Products”

James Cardus (University of Birmingham) “Use of Reactive PLIF for the Evaluation of Micromixing and Mixing Times in a Stirred Tank”

Gaurav Bhutani (Imperial College) “Numerical Modelling of Polydispersed Flotation Columns Using Population Balances in an Adaptive-mesh Finite Element Framework”

Evangelia Roumpea (University College London) “Experimental Investigation of Liquid-liquid Plug Flow in Microchannels”

Sergio Carrillo De Hert (University of Manchester) “Droplet Break-up Mechanisms”

Rebecca Liyanage (Imperial College) “Multidimensional Imaging and Characterisation of Density-driven Flow in Porous Media”

Richard Maltby (University of Bath) “CFD Modelling and Validation of Mixing in a Model Single-use-technology Bioreactor”

Jasmin Samaras (University College London) “Impact of Fluid Dynamics on an iPSC-derived Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Process”

Fabian Sewerin (Imperial College) “A Combined LES-PBE-pdf Approach with PBE-grid Adaptivity for Modelling Turbulent Mixing and Precipitation”

An independent panel comprising Dr Gul Ozcan-Taskin (University of Loughborough) and Dr Adam Kowalski (Unilever) presented the award to Mr Fabian Sewerin, who gave an excellent presentation on the development and assessment of an explicit adaptive grid approach for discretizing the population balance equation (PBE) in particle property space. His approach is based on a coordinate transformation which maps a uniform reference grid into particle property space according to the local information content of recent solutions for the particle property distribution.

The winner will be presented a cheque of £500-an award to contribute to the costs of attending the MIXING XXV conference. An account of the winner’s experience at this conference will be provided in the next newsletter. 

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