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NGL extraction and fractionation

Date From: 12 September 2012
Date To: 12 September 2012
Location: England
Event Type: Special Interest Groups
Venue: University College London, London, UK
Organiser: Fluid Separations and Oil and Natural Gas Special Interest Groups
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Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) extraction from natural gas is often essential to achieve stringent LNG, pipeline and sales gas specifications. Typically, NGL is further fractionated to produce higher value commercial grade by-products or make-up refrigerant components to avoid costly importation and storage. The removal of trace components, such as BTX and higher boiling hydrocarbons, from liquefaction feed is also necessary to prevent freezing in the cryogenic section which can cause costly blockages and plant downtime. NGL extraction technology selection, optimisation and control, equipment and internals design, and maintenance practices are essential to reliably and efficiently deliver on-spec products.

This seminar organised jointly by IChemE’s Oil & Natural Gas and Fluid Separations Special Interest Groups, will present a variety of topics which will provide a valuable insight into the design and control of these processes. The seminar will provide an excellent forum for networking, discussing industrial challenges and successes, and promoting awareness of recent developments in the field.


Registration from 9:00, the event will start at 9:30 and close at 15:30.

Cost (inc VAT)

£90.00 Member of Fluid Separations and/or Oil & Natural Gas Special Interest Groups
£120.00 Non-Member
£30.00 Student Rate


University College London (UCL)
Front Engineering Building
Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming LT
Torrington Place

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