Food & Drink Special Interest Group
A community for process professionals

Careers and education


Food & Drink Special Interest Group members contribute to educational activities and some are willing to give simple presentations on food and drink processing to interested school audiences, perhaps at a careers event.

Contact Special Interest Groups with your requirements and we will endeavour to find a suitable local speaker, perhaps in support of a whynotchemeng activity.


Food & Drink Special Interest Group members can provide advice to students on career opportunities in the food and drink sector. Contact Special Interest Groups.

The Food & Drink Special Interest Group presents prizes and travel bursaries to students - see Awards.

Professional development

The Food & Drink Special Interest Group can provide assistance to its members who are seeking corporate membership of IChemE.

In the food and drink industry it may be difficult to locate a Chartered Chemical Engineer in a relevant line management position who will support CPD and chartership applications. Nevertheless such people do exist and we can often help candidates identify someone who will assist. Contact Special Interest Groups for advice. 

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