Particle Technology Special Interest Group
The premier forum for particle scientists and engineers


The Particle Technology Special Interest Group is led by a committee of member volunteers and depends on the energy, enthusiasm, engagement and spare time of these individuals as well as input from the wider membership.

The committee members organise the programme of events and activities, with support from IChemE staff, and serve as champions of particle technology within IChemE and other organisations. The committee monitors the developments and gaps in the area of particle technology, with the aim of enhancing the offerings available to its membership and the wider community (for example, through organising specific events).

Playing an active role provides opportunities to develop personal skills and gain valuable experience through interaction with fellow professionals. Contact the chair, Professor Raffaella Ocone, if you are interested in getting involved.

Committee members


Professor Raffaella Ocone; Heriot Watt University, UK

  Deputy Chair:

Dr Chris Hewitt; GlaxoSmithKline, UK

  Secretary & International Liaison:

Dr Pablo García-Triñanes; University of Greenwich, UK 


Dr Colin Hare; University of Surrey, UK
 Webmaster & Newsletter editors:

Dr Stefan Zigan; University of Greenwich, UK

Ms Alina Dumitru; Imperial College London, UK

Dr Sean Bermingham
Process Systems Enterprise Ltd, UK
  Professor Yulong Ding
University of Birmingham, UK
Professor John Dodds
Retired from École des Mines d'Albi
  Mr Tim Freeman
Freeman Technology, UK
Dr Sarah Germana
Ex - Procter & Gamble, Italy
  Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri
University of Leeds, UK
Dr Richard Greenwood
University of Birmingham, UK
  Dr Bindhu Gururajan
Novartis, Switzerland
Dr Ali Hassanpour
University of Leeds, UK

Mr Esay Nsugbe
Cranfield University, UK

Dr Jerry Heng
Imperial College London, UK
   Dr Massimiliano Materazzi
University College London, UK
Professor Richard Holdich
Loughborough University, UK
  Dr Andrew Ingram
University of Birmingham, UK
Ian Kemp
GlaxoSmithKline, UK
  Professor Markus Kraft
University of Cambridge, UK
Dr Mark Leaper
Aston University, UK
  Dr Mingzhong Li
De Montfort University, UK
Dr Michele Marigo
Johnson Matthey, UK
  Dr Luca Mazzei
University College London, UK
George Milburn
International Innovative Technologies, UK 
  Professor Paola Lettieri
University College London, UK
Dr Gavin Reynolds
AstraZeneca, UK
  Dr Dominic Rhodes
National Nuclear Laboratory, UK
Dr Neil Rowson
University of Birmingham, UK
  Professor Agba Salman
University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Christian Seiler
Pharma XP Consulting Ltd
  Professor Jonathan Seville
University of Surrey, UK
Professor Stefaan Simons
University College London, UK
  Dr Rachel Smith
University of Sheffield,UK
Professor Richard Williams
University of Birmingham, UK
  Dr Jin Sun
University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr Colin Thornton
University of Birmingham, UK
  Dr Richard Tweedie
TSK Solutions, UK
Dr Berend van Wachem
Imperial College London, UK
  Dr Kristian Waters
McGill University, Canada
Professor Ricky Wildman
Loughborough University, UK
  Dr Daryl Williams
Imperial College London, UK

 Eur Ing. David Smith, DJS Process Consulting Ltd., UK

  Dr Hossein Ahmadian
Procter & Gamble, UK

 Dr Nejat Rahamnian
 Bradford, UK

  Dr Stephen Ward-Smith
Malvern Instruments Limited, UK
Dr Tom Simons
BASF, Germany
  Dr Ali Uzel
Heriot Watt University, UK

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