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Events 2011

Date: 24 March 2011
Ends: 24 March 2011
Location: England
Description: This one day event will bring together researchers and practitioners who are interested in the interdependency of mixing and formulated products. Industrial and academic presentations will be given illustrating modelling and practical applications of mixing to formulated products.

Date: 09 May 2011
Ends: 10 May 2011
Location: England
Description: Non-aqueous colloidal dispersions are of high importance to a wide range of industries. Oil based colloidal dispersions offer unique challenges in formulation and managing the stability of a colloidal dispersion in a non-polar environment requires different strategies to those employed for aqueous analogues. Successful formulation allows us access to a range of unique properties such as solubility, polarity, viscosity and density. These benefits lead directly to the utilisation of non-aqueous colloids in applications such as paints, adhesives, inks, lubricants, coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even electronic displays.
Date: 30 August 2011
Description: IChemE's Environment Subject Group delivered an online presentation by Kit Oung of Projective Ltd. Members of the group can replay a recording of this webinar free of charge, and view the slides. Visit the Resources area and log in with your membership number and PIN /password to access the webinar archive.
Date: 13 September 2011
Ends: 13 September 2011
Location: England
Description: This scale up workshop, organised by IChemE’s Particle Technology Subject Group, will focus primarily on particulate processing with a unique twist.
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