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How BP's Kwinana Refinery runs empowered and confident operations - online

Date From: 11 March 2014
Description: This webinar will review the technology that underpins the Kwinana’s Operating Envelope Philosophy and provide an overview of the solution in place and how it can help control a wide variety of operational risks relevant to chemical engineers across the process manufacturing industry.
Event Type: Webinar
Venue: Online 09:00 - 10:00 GMT
Organiser: Process Management & Control Special Interest Group

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A 40-minute online presentation organised by IChemE's Process Management & Control Special Interest Group, and delivered by Grant Eggleton and Tim Verne. 

WorkshopBP has defined Decision Analytics as the broad range of technologies, scientific and engineering techniques and approaches, in the academic and industrial worlds, that facilitate systems integration and compelling presentation of actionable information from BP’s operations and functions. These include design of sensor systems, data mining and algorithm development together with those aspects of experimental design, modelling and systems & control where integration and the analysis of the data inputs are required to create actionable decisions.

Delegates will learn about the testing and implementation of various decision analytics techniques, the approach taken, issues experienced and benefits achieved.

About the presenters

Grant Eggleton is the business development manager at P2. In his current and previous roles he has been working in the delivery of integrated production and operations systems for the oil and gas industry from concept through to benefits realisation. In his role he has worked with many clients globally in the delivery of integrated operations solutions with a focus on production and reservoir engineering, surface operations, and hydrocarbon accounting. He has a passion for defining and delivering integrated production solutions leveraging technologies and standards to deliver benefits to both end users, and the business. He holds a BSc. in Computer Science.

Tim Verne is the business information manager at BP. In the early part of his career, Tim worked as a process control engineer, leading the development of early digital control systems at the BP Kwinana Refinery. In the mid-90s, he was appointed as a Senior Process Control Consultant within the BP Technical Development Unit.

After an assignment at the BP Coryton Refinery from 1997, he returned to Kwinana in 2000 to take up the role of Business Information Manager with the responsibility to lead IT strategy and execution. During that period Tim has been instrumental in the practical application of digital technologies at Kwinana which has included real time process monitoring , and the management of operating envelopes.

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