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Model Predictive Control for Batch Processes - Penicillin Case Study

Date From: 05 February 2018
Description: The webinar covers a high-level introduction to MPC, and its application to batch pharmaceutical processes. In an initial presentation, the challenges associated with MPC of Batch processes are discussed. The webinar is primarily a live case study demonstration using a quasi-real time simulation of a penicillin production process. The dynamics of the process and batch to batch variability are explored. Two approaches to batch control are implemented - controlling end points vs. controlling continuously measured/predicted variables. The process is also subject to feed concentration disturbances. The webinar attendees can compare and contrast the differences in the two approaches and evaluate how both reject the feed disturbance
Event Type: Webinar
Venue: Online

Time: 10:30-11:30 GMT
Organiser: Process Management & Control Special Interest Group

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The webinar is intended for those who wish to learn more about Model Predictive Control of Batch processes, by exploring a simulation case study in real time.  The focus is on why the implementation of MPC is beneficial, and dynamically what advantages it provides over more traditional approaches to process control.

The case study process is from the Bio-Pharma industry, and the webinar also explores some of the challenges associated with implementing control in this industry that may be of interest to the wider community.  The webinar will be of particular interest to process experts interested in Batch manufacturing.

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Matthew McEwan, Perceptive Engineering Ltd

Speaker's Biography

Matthew leads the formulated products Advanced Process Control team and has 15 years of experience designing and commissioning control systems with integrated analytical equipment.  Matthew has a PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Manchester.


Keith Smith
Perceptive Engineering Ltd

Speaker's Biography

Keith has 20+ years of experience with Advanced process control and optimisation, MVA analysis and process monitoring in the process industries. Application to continuous and batch processes. Leads optimisation of nutritional powder production for Perceptive Engineering, with particular focus on evaporation and drying processes. Particular interest in hybrid modelling approaches - first principle and empirical – for real time optimisation and control.


A one-hour online session: Intro (5 Mins), Presentation (40 Mins), Q&A (15 Mins)


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