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7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering 2005

Listed below are safety papers from the 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Glasgow, Scotland, 10-14th July 2005. The five day event, which attracted more than 2000 delegates from over 80 countries, featured contributions from invited experts and incorporated over 800 oral and 1000 poster presentations, as well as a visit from Princess Anne.

The papers are drawn mainly from the safety sessions but also include other papers where safety is a significant issue.

Risk Management

  1. PDF Icon Small C6-001 - Risk based design of chemical plants
    M. Van Overmeire, P. Hoorelbeke and D. Roosendans (PDF, 202kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small C6-002 - Development of the optimal strategy for managing the integrity and production risks associated with sand production from the Schiehallion Oil Field
    C. R. Deddis and M. Oxley (PDF, 199kB)
  3. PDF Icon Small C6-003 - Hazard and risk assessment practices - review of Indian experience in the light of international practices
    N. Anand (PDF, 123kB)
  4. PDF Icon Small C6-004 - Full scope quantitative risk approach for complex facilities
    R. Hille (PDF, 244kB)
  5. PDF Icon Small C6-005 - Are risks improving in the world?
    R. T. Canaway (PDF, 116kB)
  6. PDF Icon Small C6-006 - Practical approach to explosion and fire safety risk assessment and compliance with DSEAR 2002
    K. J. Dodd and J. Lowe (PDF, 1.25MB)
  7. PDF Icon Small C6-007 - Best practice for the design and operation of high hazard sites
    L. Fernie and J. Fearnley (PDF, 66kB)
  8. PDF Icon Small C6-008 - Major explosions in the microchip process industry
    M. Laftavi (PDF, 40kB)
  9. PDF Icon Small C6-009 - Complete, consistent hazops with less time, cost and pain
    J. Madden, J. de Brugha and S .A. McCoy (PDF, 296kB)

Safety and Risk Management

  1. PDF Icon Small C29-001 - Automated identification of hazardous scenarios due to human errors in batch plant operation
    C. Palmer, P. W. H. Chung and D. F. Zhou (PDF, 120kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small C29-002 - An integrated data mining system for toxicity prediction of speciality organic chemicals
    F. V. Buontempo, X. Z. Wang, M. Mwense, N. Horan, A. Young and D. Osborn (PDF, 159kB)
  3. PDF Icon Small C29-003 - Instrumented protective systems - SIL classification and lifecycle integrity management to comply with BS EN 61508 - 61511
    J. Capewell and L. Fernie (PDF, 290kB)
  4. PDF Icon Small C29-004 - Integration of HAZOP and FMEA analyses in an interactive support system
    M. Galluzzo, V. Bartolozzi and V. Puccia (PDF, 167kB)
  5. PDF Icon Small C29-005 - Abnormal situation management in process control - do we have it under control?
    R. Raman and I. Cameron (PDF, 86kB)
  6. PDF Icon Small C29-006 - Implementation of the Hazards and Effects Management (HEMP)
    N. Salter (PDF, 248kB)
  7. PDF Icon Small C29-007 - Human checking failures in the chemical industry - how reliable are people in checking critical steps?
    J. Henderson and S. Cross (PDF, 57kB)

Safety and Risk Management Systems - Risk management

  1. PDF Icon Small O10-001 - Probability bow-ties - a transparent risk management tool
    J. E. Cockshott (PDF, 245kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small O10-002 - Compliance with legislation - to what extent can a risk assessment using the framework of IEC 61508 satisfy the requirements of other legislative requirements?
    L. Fernie and D. Schaap (PDF, 83kB)
  3. PDF Icon Small O10-003 - Safety performance improvement through culture change
    M. K. Fitzgerald (PDF, 181kB)

Process Intensification - Intensification Equipment

  1. PDF Icon Small O12-001 - Demonstration plant for distributed production of hydrogen from steam reforming of methane
    E. L. C. Seris, G. Abramowitz, A. M. Johnston and B. S. Haynes (PDF, 474kB)

Process Intensification - Integrated Designs

  1. PDF Icon Small O37-003 - Process intensification - a view from the Health and Safety Executive
    J. C. Etchells (PDF, 67kB)

Commercial and Technical Risk

  1. PDF Icon Small O67-001 - Inherent safety and risk versus the economics of world-scale plants
    J. C. A. Windhorst and J. A. Koen (PDF, 103kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small O67-002 - Nanotechnology, an example of risk management and regulation in an emerging technology
    R. Clift (PDF, 75kB)

The Right "Stuff"

  1. PDF Icon Small O132-003 - (Abstract) Abnormal Situation Management
    A. Swift and P. Andow (PDF, 30kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small O132-004 - (Abstract) Revised guidance on 'Safe isolation of plant and equipment'
    R. M. Franklin (PDF, 34kB)

Safety and Risk Management Systems - Safety Assessment

  1. PDF Icon Small O146-001 - Development and verification of a new approach for operator action analysis
    T. Dalijono, K. Löwe and H-J. Löher (PDF, 92kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small O146-002 - Study of the ratio of injuries to deaths for single incidents in the process industries
    A. G. Rushton and M. Glossop (PDF, 83kB)

Safety and Risk Management Systems - Quantitative Risk Assessment

  1. PDF Icon Small O158-001 - Experiences in applying Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) to safety instrumented systems and in general risk assessment
    R. Gowland (PDF, 111kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small O158-002 - Minimising uncertainty in vapour cloud explosion modelling
    R. Raman and P. Grillo (PDF, 428kB)
  3. PDF Icon Small O158-003 - Playing with fire - Safety and reaction efficiency research on gas phase hydrocarbon oxidation processes - Project SAFEKINEX
    H. J. Pasman, A. A. Pekalski, M. Braithwaite, J. F. Griffiths, V. Schroeder and F. Battin-Leclerc (PDF, 198kB)

Right Here Right Now II

  1. PDF Icon Small P14-002 - (Abstract) The efficient determination of safety integrity levels for instrumented protective systems on existing plants in accordance with IEC61508
    G. Ellis (PDF, 31kB)

Control and Operations

  1. PDF Icon Small P18-041 - Supporting Earth in chemical process safety S2S, a gateway for plant and process safety
    R. Nomen, J. Sempere, R. Rogers and M. Grillo (PDF, 58kB)

Quantitative Risk Assessment

  1. PDF Icon Small P48-001 - The stability of turbulent hydrogen diffusion jet flames
    Y. Wu, I. S. Al-Rahbi and G. T. Kalghatgi (PDF, 94kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small P48-002 - Detailed quantitative risk assessment of a proposed pipeline in western Canada
    J. C. A. Windhorst (PDF, 334kB)
  3. PDF Icon Small P48-003 - Flash point determination of binary mixtures of alcohols, ketones and water
    P. J. Martínez, E. Rus and J. M. Compaña (PDF, 170kB)
  4. PDF Icon Small P48-004 - Characteristics on a variety of reactor size for calorimetry of a heterogeneous liquid-liquid reaction
    Y. Fujimoto, M. Kumasaki (PDF, 123kB)
  5. PDF Icon Small P48-005 - Modelling of acute exposure guideline levels using group contribution methods
    N. Jensen, J. Abildskov and R. Gani (PDF, 440kB)

Safety and Risk Management Systems - Safety Assessment in Practice

  1. PDF Icon Small P49-001 - Prediction of downwind range of impacts for liquefied natural gas vapour cloud dispersion arising from spillage over tropical water bodies
    F. A. Akeredolu, I. A. Isafiade and J. A. Sonibare (PDF, 684kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small P49-002 - Analysis of hazard area associated with hydrogen gas transmission pipelines
    Y-D. Jo, K-S. Park, J. W. Ko and B. J. Ahn (PDF, 77kB)
  3. PDF Icon Small P49-004 - Interpretation of IP15 in process plant design, a commonsense approach
    A. J. Tuckett and I. R. Calcott (PDF, 65kB)

Safety and Risk Management Systems - Safety Assessment Software

  1. PDF Icon Small P50-001 - Dynamic Simulation - A new HAZOP tool
    R. Calder, J. Browne and N. Forster (PDF, 643kB)
  2. PDF Icon Small P50-002 - The use of the ASTM computer program CHETAH as an element in a program to prevent reactive hazards
    B. K. Harrison (PDF, 205kB)

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