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“Tangguh LNG - Setting a new benchmark in energy efficient LNG production”

Date From: 11 October 2011
Location: England
Description: Presentation by Fintan O’Neill of BP AsPac RPU.
Event Type: Special Interest Groups
Venue: IChemE, London, UK, and online via web broadcast
Contact Email: song@ichememember.org

The innovative heat and power integration system employed in the Tangguh LNG plant in Papua Barat, Indonesia, as well as provisions for managing the “footprint” of the plant in a socially and environmentally sensitive area, were reported at the design stage in 2005-6. Now the plant is operational, this talk aims to give an update on the effectiveness of these measures, and on how the challenges of implementing them were overcome.

All waste heat from the gas turbine drivers is utilised either as process heat or in raising steam for smaller steam turbines. This has resulted in an unusual degree of process/utility integration: experiences from start-up and early operation will be shared.

Utilisation of power available from the gas turbines driving the refrigeration compressors is exceptionally high, all site power in normal operation is provided by steam turbine generators, and the selected process capacity and heat integration system minimise electrical power consumption. Together, these lead to high overall carbon efficiency and low NOx emissions.

Fintan O’Neill has over 17 years broad based engineering experience mainly in the in Gas Processing / LNG industry as a Process Engineer. This has predominantly been within the engineering, construction, commissioning, plant start up and first year’s operation arenas with the last 4 years spent as the Tangguh LNG Operations Engineering Team Leader for BP...Fintan’s current role as the BP Process Technical Authority for the AsPac RPU (Regional Performance Unit), part of the BP’s SO&R Function.

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