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Processing of Carbon Dioxide Rich Gas - Adrian Finn, Costain Natural Resources - Recording available

Date From: 11 November 2014
Location: England
Description: Evening talk for the Oil & Natural Gas Special Interest Group by Adrian Finn, Costain Natural Resources. SONG members can replay a recording of this event, and view the slides, free of charge. Visit the group's Resources area and log in with your membership number and PIN / password to access the webinar archive.
Event Type: Special Interest Groups
Venue: IChemE, One Portland Place, London and online
Organiser: SONG
Contact Name: Toby Chancellor-Weale
Contact Email: song@ichememember.org


Efforts to commercialise high carbon dioxide content natural gas have traditionally been unsuccessful due to high processing costs. Can process technology developments make exploitation of carbon dioxide rich gas fields attractive, even if product carbon dioxide has to be sent to underground storage to avoid its emission to atmosphere?

In processing carbon dioxide rich natural gas, obtaining the product carbon dioxide as high pressure liquid would reduce the power consumption for carbon dioxide pressure boosting, reduce machinery cost and reduce both overall investment cost and operating cost. Conventional, established process technologies cannot do this. However, low temperature fractionation can effectively upgrade carbon dioxide rich gas to produce high purity liquid carbon dioxide at high pressure.

Low temperature fractionation technologies for processing carbon dioxide rich gas are reviewed. The value of using carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is then discussed. Processing carbon dioxide rich gas (from carbon dioxide ultimately 'breaking through' with the associated gas) and appropriate process technology selection is assessed. Finally, some potential process technology developments are considered that could reduce the cost of carbon dioxide EOR projects and increase their viability to unlock oil reserves.

The presenter

Adrian Finn is Process Technology Manager with Costain Natural Resources, Manchester, UK, with responsibility for process technology development and commercialisation, process technology selection and the supervision of feasibility studies, Pre-FEEDs and FEEDs. He has spent 31 years with Costain, mainly on cryogenic gas processing projects including NGL extraction, natural gas liquefaction and nitrogen rejection. He has authored over 40 technical papers, holds 14 granted patents in cryogenic gas processing and sits on the Editorial Review Board for the 14th GPSA Engineering Data Book. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, a Chartered Engineer in the UK and a Member of both the Management and Programme Committees of GPA Europe. He holds a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and Fuel Technology (Sheffield, UK) and a Masters degree in Integrated Design of Chemical Plant (Leeds, UK).

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