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Desolenator - Energy and Water Independence

Date From: 04 December 2018
Description: A one-hour webinar from IChemE's Water Special Interest Group, presented by Jiajun Cen, CTO of Desolenator.
Event Type: Webinar
Venue: Online

Time: 10:00-11:00 GMT
Organiser: Water Special Interest Group

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Desolenator, a clean technology start-up based out of Imperial College London, has a mission to provide 1 billion water-stressed people with clean drinking water by 2030. Its product, which can be built in a portable, household and community size, uses sunlight to generate power and purify dirty water (including seawater) into clean, pure drinking water. Desolenator won the Water Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award at the IChemE Global Awards in 2017.

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Jiajun Cen is CTO of Desolenator and a co-founder of AquaBattery with expertise in chemical engineering, transport phenomena in porous media, photocatalysis, (reverse-) electrodialysis, energy storage and solar-powered desalination. He is interested and keen to help solve the upcoming water crisis and to take part in the energy transition. While he was at Imperial College London as a PhD researcher, he has developed CFD simulations to better comprehend solubility trapping of CO2 in brine that exists in saline aquifers. This is an integral part of Carbon Capture and Storage, which can be an interim remedy to climate change.


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