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ChemEng at COP26

Alexandra Meldrum, Vice President Learned Society

In November 2021, the world’s leaders gathered at the COP26 conference for a critical debate and to accelerate action on global climate change. Chemical engineers were there to share engineering practice contribute to the debate. It is crucial that we chemical engineers play our part to create a just and sustainable future. We can take action to mitigate and adapt to the adverse impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2020, IChemE published its climate change position statement. This recognised that chemical engineers are uniquely placed to help reverse the catastrophic impacts humans are currently imposing on the life support systems of our planet. The statement contained a number of commitments and initiatives for IChemE, and working groups are now progressing with the actions identified. You can find out more in the ‘In conversation’ video referenced below.

I am proud to be part of the chemical engineering profession and watching the short videos from some our members sharing how they are helping to contribute to the solutions for climate change has been inspiring.

Please take a moment to view the playlist on our YouTube channel.

I have been delighted with the enthusiasm and commitment shown by members of IChemE’s Special Interest Groups in the development of climate change action plans.

The Board of Trustees has identified climate change as a key area of action for IChemE. The Institution will work to support members and the profession by sharing information on new enabling technologies, such as digitalisation, and other good practice. We will support the development of innovation, ethical thinking and systems thinking through education, knowledge sharing and skills development. I would like to encourage members to engage with the work being carried out as it is vital that we chemical engineers use our specialised skills to make a difference for society.

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