EDF Energy

Barnwood Office, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4 3RS
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EDF Energy is a core part of the EDF Group, one of the largest energy companies in Europe with key business operations in the UK and Europe. We are the UK’s leading generator and supplier of low carbon energy, producing around one-fifth of the nation’s electricity and employing more than 15,000 people. We operate nuclear, coal and gas power stations, wind farms, and combined heat & power plants. We have a focus on safe, dependable energy generation and an ethos of service excellence. We intend to play a leading role in new nuclear build in the UK and secure a bright future for the combined business and its employees.

The company is organised into the following business units:

Generation operates eight nuclear power stations in the UK producing electricity that is vital to the UK economy. Producing low carbon energy is what we do best and our eight existing nuclear sites generate 9,000 megawatts per year, avoiding emissions of over 40m tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of taking about 60% of cars off our roads. Our thermal generation assets are our Cottam and West Burton stations and, alongside our Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) and Gas Storage Plants, support an affordable and secure supply of electricity as the UK transitions to a low carbon economy.

Nuclear New Build which is tasked with the delivery of the new generation of nuclear plants in line with EDF’s global programme of producing safe, affordable, reliable, low-carbon production of electricity in the UK. The nuclear power stations we plan to build will be the first in a new generation. The first station to be built will be Hinkley Point C in Somerset, followed by two new reactors at Sizewell C in Suffolk. Together these will form one of the biggest construction projects in Europe and they offer the chance to gain invaluable experience working with the latest reactor technology.

Customers sells electricity and gas to over 5.5 million residential and business customers, making us the largest supplier of electricity by volume. We are responsible for maximising the long term value of our residential and business customers; we create an integrated approach to energy sourcing, pricing strategy, and deliver to the needs of our customers.

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