Hazards 25
IChemE's leading process safety conference

Hazards 25

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IChemE's leading process safety conference

Hazards 25 will provide a platform for sharing best practice and latest research on all aspects of chemical and process safety in Europe, helping you to manage and reduce risk more effectively.

This leading process safety event will feature a mix of invited keynote speakers, oral and poster presentations, and a trade exhibition of process safety related products and services.

In the words of Trevor Kletz – “if you think safety is expensive, try accidents”

It is widely accepted that process safety competence, coupled with the importance of retaining lessons learned in a corporate memory, is at the heart of a safe operating environment.

Despite this we continue to see major process industry accidents caused by human error, a failure to learn from past incidents and a breakdown of process safety systems.

A recent report by insurance provider, Marsh highlights the sheer scale of financial loss resulting from process safety incidents. It has estimated the combined financial loss from the 100 largest accidents in the hydrocarbon industry (in the period 1974–2013) at over US$34 billion.

With eight new incidents entering the top 100 list since 2011, it’s clear there’s still much work ahead of us to manage process safety effectively. This is especially true since none of the losses in the report could be considered true ‘black swan’ events.

And while the report essentially focuses on property damage losses, it doesn’t reflect the human cost of getting process safety wrong or the consequential damages, such as compensation or reputational damage.

Our commitment to improving process safety

Risk will never be eliminated, but it can be better managed and reduced. IChemE’s technical strategy, Chemical Engineering Matters, outlines our commitment to working with governments, regulators and stakeholders to improve safety in the process industries, in part by providing platforms to share best practice, discuss past experiences and highlight new developments.

We are fortunate to be able to draw upon some of the world’s leading experts and thought-leaders in process safety to host a conference solely designed to help prevent disasters. We recognise that leadership across knowledge and competence, engineering and design, systems and procedures, assurance, human factors and culture are fundamental to managing process safety, and you will see these topics reflected across all the themes at Hazards 25.

We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.

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