Hazards Australasia 2015

Hazards Australasia 2015

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Process Safety is at the heart of what we do and IChemE is pleased to announce that in May 2015, the premier process safety conference, Hazards Australasia will be held for the second time.

The globally recognised event will see a mix of local and international speakers, oral and poster presentations, as well as a trade exhibition of process safety related products and services and gala dinner.

Annually, the Marsh Energy Practice publish a report on The 100 largest losses. This report starts from 1974 and covers large property damage losses in the hydrocarbon industries. Since 2011, eight new incidents have entered to top 100 list. This fact highlights that there is still much work ahead of us to manage process safety effectively. This is especially true, given none of the losses in the report could be considered true 'black swan' events.
While this report essentially focuses on property damage losses, it does not reflect the human cost of getting process safety wrong or the consequential damages, such as compensation or reputational damage. Even so, each of the largest 100 losses had a property damage cost of more than US$130 million each in 2013 dollars. Excluding natural disasters, the top 17 incidents also account for 309 fatalities.

Australasia as a region is not immune from these incidents, with three Australian incidents making the top 100. The 1998 Longford incident remains in the top 10 with damage of US$750 million. The 2009 Montara blowout is estimated to have cost US$280 million and the 2008 Varanus Island explosion cost US$130 million. These numbers do not reflect the impact on the economy and any consequential costs.

The impact of these types of incidents cannot be dismissed. The loss of life, economic impact and environmental harm all result in our communities, politicians and regulators demanding the highest standards from our industries. Hazards Australasia provides an excellent forum for sharing and learning, in an effort to prevent a similar incident in your organisation.

IChemE recognises that leadership across knowledge and competence, engineering and design, systems and procedures, assurance, human factors and culture are fundamental to managing process safety. You will see these topics reflected across all the themes of the conference and we encourage you to share your knowledge by submitting a paper and becoming a vital part of the proceedings.

We look forward to meeting you in Brisbane to share the journey to enhanced safety and organisational reliability. 

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