Hazards 2016

Hazards 2016

Making Safety Case a Reality

16-18 May 2016, Singapore

In 2016, new legislation in Singapore will be introduced, requiring major hazard installations (MHIs) to prepare and submit safety cases to the authorities for review.

This conference will bring together international speakers familiar with how safety case regimes work and will look at the various components that are required to make safety case a reality. Local and overseas presenters have been specially selected to share their views on topics such as hazards identification, mechanical & asset integrity, risk assessments and human factors. The Singapore authorities will also provide an update of safety case implementation and the revised QRA guidelines.

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Why attend?

  • understand how new safety case legislation will impact on your business
  • identify your organisational roles and responsibilities in process safety
  • help you benchmark your readiness for safety case legislation and help you to prepare to initiate safety case regimes
  • update and refresh your understanding of process safety


This new safety case regime builds upon and integrates current regulatory requirements, such as quantitative risk assessment, process hazard analysis, safety management system and emergency response plans.

Demonstrating the basis of safety for a chemical plant is an established practice in Europe and Australia. In these regions, several countries have already put in place legislation requiring major hazard installations (MHIs) to demonstrate they are able to identify process hazards, minimise the risks of major accidents and mitigate the consequences. However, a safety case regime is not simply a paper exercise. In fact, it requires the operator to demonstrate that they understand the risks arising from operating major hazard installations and that they have put in place all measures necessary to effectively manage them. It also requires the various stakeholders, including the authorities, industry, and safety professionals to look deeper and more thoroughly at the fundamental knowledge base and assumptions to better manage these risks.

The conference format is designed to foster networking and inspire discussions. It will consist of plenary sessions that will provide an overview of the safety case regime as well as technical sessions, to gain a deeper understanding into the various topics of interest. There will be ample opportunities for attendees to engage with speakers from the authorities, industry and academia via panel discussions, Q&A sessions and through informal networking sessions.

Ultimately, Hazards 2016 aims to refresh and upgrade your understanding of process safety. At the same time, it should enable you to pull together the various technical aspects into a coherent safety case for the MHI, which demonstrates that major accident risks have been reduced to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
Upon attending the conference, participants will receive:

18 PDU (PE)

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