Advances in Process Automation and Control 2017


Download the Advances in Process Automation and Control 2017 conference programme.

Conference themes

  • how the impact of big data and other industrial internet of things technologies will expand the role of process automation beyond simply control into almost all aspects of the business 
  • process industries of the future:
    • what will manufacturing look like in the future 
    • how will the fourth industrial revolution change process manufacturing for the better 
    • what is already happening – experiences of users and suppliers 
  • underpinning technologies, standards and protocols 
  • cyber and data security in the age of ‘the Cloud’ 
  • education, training and research in process automation in academia – what are the big questions in automation research 
  • energy efficiency and sustainability

Plenary speakers

  • Don Bartusiak, Chief Engineer, Process Control ExxonMobil Research & Engineering
  • Tony Pipe, Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems Deputy Director of Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL)
  • Viswanath Krishnan, Industry Executive, IBM Chemical and Petroleum Industries

Keynote presentations

  • 'Implementation of MPC-based energy management systems for smart grids' by Peter Pflaum, Schneider Electric 
  • 'Is our process and control design human enough?' by Vassilis Sakizilis, Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants 
  • 'How process industries will benefit from the 4th industrial revolution' by Mark Higham, Process Automation 
  • 'Engineering methodology and software architecture for asset lifecycle information management' by Valentijn V. de Leeuw, ARC Advisory Group

More conference highlights

  • two free workshops delivered by MKS Instruments AB and Perceptive Engineering 
  • over 40 oral and poster presentations including speakers from Denmark, USA, Germany, UK, Belgium, Brazil, France, Norway and Saudi Arabia 
  • presentations from GSK, BP, Siemens, AspenTech, Imperial College London, ABB, Honeywell,Technical University of Denmark, Yokogawa and more
  • exhibition and conference dinner 
  • socialising and networking opportunities

Poster presentations

  • Batch reactor control system using object oriented automation platform (Accord), Alan Dorgan, Consultant, Republic of Ireland
  • Cybersecurity and the digitalisation challenge, Paul Hingley, Siemens, UK
  • Progressing towards “Industry 4.0” – commissioning and maintaining a highly automated manufacturing facility, Yogesh Balajee, Puratos USA, USA
  • Online metaldehyde monitoring – operational control, Alice Elder, Affinity Water, UK
  • Polymerisation control, Alan George, Molecular Control Systems Ltd, UK
  • Multidisciplinary approach and dual education In control engineering for mechatronics, Štefan Kozák, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • How will the fourth industrial revolution change process manufacturing for the better - an industry perspective, Sebastian Amos, GAMBICA, UK
  • Key characteristics of effective network learning in global engineering services, Thanh Tran, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Aligning operator displays with management KPIs in situational awareness, Colin Lismer, Schneider Electric, UK
  • Fault detection of chemical process using magnitude of coherence and NN based classifier, Md Tanvir Sowgath, University of Bradford, UK




Open Process Automation
Don Bartusiak, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering, USA 

Anomaly detection and diagnosis using multivariate analysis tools in industrial cleaning-in-place operations
Jifeng Yang, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Compressor anti-surge protection as a source of plant-wide disturbance
Qi Hui Lau, Imperial College London, UK

Igloo system heats up training
Phil Jones/Tony Atkinson, BP European Acetyls Hull Site, UK

Using automation and robots to replace humans in hazardous activities - implications of ALARP principles
David Stephens, Oxford Hazard Management Ltd, UK

Automated radar early warning
James Cox, BP, UK

Prevent the next catastrophe: how to develop prescriptive action from big data for plant asset management – reduce operational risk, end breakdowns, and increase net process output
Michael Brooks, AspenTech, USA 

Process disturbance analysis using dynamic bayesian networks
David Leng, Imperial College London, UK

Living on the edge: allocating automation functions within an industrial internet of things architecture
Patrick Thorpe, Spiro Control Ltd, UK

Digitization and integration of disparate refinery data to support hydrocarbon-processing
Darren Steele, IT Vizion UK Ltd, UK

The industrial internet of things - evolution or revolution?
Peter Damer, ABB, UK

Applications of model predictive control and monitoring for continuous pharmaceutical processes
John Mack, Perceptive Engineering Ltd, UK

Simulation and the impact of the digital twin
Bernhard Ifflaender, Siemens, Germany

Data management and visualisation - a systematic approach
Moazzam Shamsi, Emerson Automation Solutions, UK

Assessing process design with regard to MPC performance using a multi-model prediction
Flavio A.M. Strutzel, University College London/Petrobras Oil Company, UK/Brazil

Challenges of multivendor systems in implementation of industrial internet of things-ready PLCs
Chris Morse, Honeywell Process Solutions, UK

Equipment Integration - the way forward
Keith Morris, PM Group, UK

Implementation of MPC-based energy management systems for smart grids
Peter Pflaum, Schneider Electric, France

A data-based decision support system for compressor fleet energy management
Frederik Schulze Spuntrup, University of Science and Technology, Norway

Real-time optimising control of a multiple cryogenic air separation unit and compressor plant
Richard Adamson, Newcastle University, UK

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