Hazards 27
IChemE's leading process safety conference


You'll find a packed programme of top-quality presentations sharing knowledge, experience and latest developments in process safety, and helping you reduce the risk of hazardous events at your own workplace.

Over 100 leading experts from around the globe will share their experience, including industry practitioners, researchers and industry regulators.

Presentations will cover all the functional areas that are key to managing and reducing risk effectively: engineering and design, systems and procedures, knowledge and competence, human factors, assurance, culture, and environmental protection.

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As well as oral presentations, there will be an extensive range of poster presentations for you to view during the conference. Poster presentation titles will be published here as they are confirmed. See the latest list of poster presentations >>


You can download many of the Hazards 27 presentations below. If you can't see what you're looking for, it's because the author hasn't given us permission to publish their presentation.


The Importance and Practical Application of Good Process Safety Management In a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company
Malcolm Sarstedt (Unilever, UK)
Insurance Risk Engineering – A Different Perspective on Major Accident Hazard Management
Jasper Clarke (Marsh Energy, UK)
Process Safety Fundamentals – Making Process Safety ‘Real’ in the Field
Sally Martin (Shell, UK)

Engineering & design: Dispersion modelling I

How do we demonstrate that a consequence model is fit-for-purpose? 
Simon Coldrick (Health and Safety Executive, UK)
Relevance of the current modelling methods for the prediction of LNG vapour dispersion and development to be carried on
Pierre Quillatre (Engie Lab Crigen, France) 
Gravity–driven flammable vapour clouds
Graham Atkinson (Health and Safety Executive, UK)

Human Factors I

Practical Implementation of System Safety Approaches and STAMP in the Oil and Gas Sector  
Conor Crowley (Atkins, UK)
Lessons learnt from the introduction of human performance concepts and tools on oil and gas platforms
Johnny Mitchell (The Keil Centre, UK)
The CIEHF White Paper on Human Factors in Barrier Management: Recommendations for good practice
Ronald McLeod (Ron McLeod Ltd, UK), Ian Randle (Hu-Tech Human Factors, UK)
Human Factors Issues in Control of Work Systems
Jamie Henderson, Neil Hunter & David Embrey (Human Reliability Associates Ltd, UK)

Knowledge & Competence: New Approaches

Process Safety Not Guaranteed: The Need for New Learning Approaches
Steve Lewis & Vicky Billingham (Risktec Solutions Limited, UK)
Bridging the divide - OHS and process safety
Trish Kerin (IChemE Safety Centre, Australia)
Process Safety Behaviours: What are they and how do they link to occupation (personal) safety behaviours
Roderick Prior (SHExcellence cc, South Africa)
Making Process Safety Personal
David Royle (Basell Polyolefins UK (LyondellBasell), UK)

Systems & Procedures: Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA)

Domino effects between pipelines in pipeline corridors
GMH Laheij & MB Spoelstra (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the Netherlands), B Chiaradia (Petrochemical Pipeline Services, the Netherlands), F Driessen (Vereniging van Leidingeigenaren in Nederland, the Netherlands), MT Dröge (NV Nederlandse Gasunie, the Netherlands), S Rozendal (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, the Netherlands), CJ Theune (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands)
Using Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) in Feasibility Design
Adrian Jones, Steven Joyce, Hui Yan & Eva Fernandes Vilas (Costain Ltd., UK), Steve Potts (National Grid, UK)
Storage Tank Explosion Frequencies on FPSOs
John Spouge (DNV GL, UK)

Environmental Protection

Environmental Risk Gap Analysis: Major Accident to the Environment Case Studies
Mike Nicholas (Environment Agency, UK)
Inspection of Secondary and Tertiary Containment Systems
Chris Dickinson (Environment Agency, UK) 
Practical application of the Chemical and Downstream Oil Industry Forum (CDOIF) Guideline “Environmental Risk Tolerability for COMAH Establishments”
Ron Graham (Sellafield Ltd, UK)

Engineering & Design: Fire & Explosion Hazards

Fire and explosion risk in biodiesel production plants: a case study
Luca Marmo & Enrico Danzi (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Leonardo Tognotti (Università di Pisa, Italy), Valerio Cozzani, Ernesto Salzano & Valeria Casson Moreno (Università di Bologna, Italy), Daniela Riccio (Alchim sas, Italy)
Effectiveness of oil mist detectors in relation to oil mist droplet size and concentration
Andrew Thorpe & Sumeet Pabby (Health and Safety Executive, UK)
Is there a bomb in your basement? Boiler explosion hazards that are often forgotten in risk assessments
Gaynor Woodford-Phillips (ABB Consulting, UK)

Engineering & Design: Safety & Design

Integrating ALARP and Inherent Safety into Fast-Track Design
David Stephens (Oxford Hazard Management Ltd, UK), Simon Round (Amec Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, UK)
Interlocking isolation valves – less is more
Andy Brazier (AB Risk Limited, UK)

Human Factors II

Measuring Human Performance: The next big challenge
Ian Travers (Leidos Innovations UK Ltd, UK)
Organisational Change Management – Making a Change, Managing Hazards, Protecting People
Catherine Tait & Sophie Whitehead (Atkins Ltd, UK)

Systems & Procedures: Process Safety Management

PSM is not decreasing the number of Loss Events. What does a CEO need to know to stop Engineers and Operators blowing up the Plant?
Derek Lawler (Consultant, UK)
Addressing the Dissonance between Corporate and Individual Process Safety Drivers
Angus Keddie (Process Safety Matters, UK)
The Silo Factor – Why Tackling Silos Can Improve Process Safety Performance
Conrad Ellison (ABB Consulting, UK)

Knowledge & competence: Lessons Learned

Seven Years on from Deep Water Horizon – How the Global Industry has Applied the Learning from the Response
Steven Flynn (IPIECA, UK)
An Analysis of Common Causes of Major Losses in the Onshore Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries
Ron Jarvis (Swiss Re, UK), Andy Goddard (Talbot Underwriting Ltd, UK)

Engineering & Design: Hazardous Areas

A closer look to some aspects of the methodology of hazardous area classification using CFD Lorenzo Mauri & Kees van Wingerden (Gexcon AS, Norway)
Area Zoning, its role in a Risk-Based Process Safety Program for Combustible Dusts
Stephen Garner, Brenton Cox, Justin Bishop & Mark Fecke (Exponent, USA)

Offshore Oil & Gas

A hierarchical guide to evaluating your Asset Integrity Management System against international practice
Mark Wright & Jerry Mullins (ROSEN, UK)

Engineering & Design: Consequence Modelling

Numerical predictions of the rollover phenomenon using computational fluid dynamics
Antoine Hubert & Siaka Dembele (Kingston University, UK), Petr Denissenko & Jennifer Wen (University of Warwick, UK)
Consequences of the failure of mobile gas vessels
D Krentel, R Tschirschwitz, M Kluge, E Askar, K Habib, H Kohlhoff, G Mair, P Neumann, M Rudolph, A Schoppa, S –U Storm & M Szczepaniak (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –pruefung (BAM), Germany)

Systems & Procedures: Risk Visualisation

It’s not what we don’t know that is the problem; it’s what we do know that isn’t so
Graeme Dick (RGD Operations, Norway)
Representing Human Factors in Bow Ties as per the new CCPS/EI Book
Mark Manton (ABS Group, UK), Martin Johnson (BP, UK), Robin Pitblado (DNV GL, USA), Charles Cowley (CCPS, UK), Tim McGrath (ZeroHarmHES, USA), Ron McLeod (Ron McLeod Ltd., UK), Rob Miles (Hu-Tech RMS, UK) 
In a Globalised World is Process Safety becoming harmonised?
Pat Swords (PM Group, Ireland)

Systems & Procedures: Fire Risk Assessment

Safety System Fire Analysis - How can fire challenge the safe operation of a facility? And how can it be established whether a fire can cause a facility/ process to enter an unsafe state? 
James Daley (RPS Risk Management, UK)
High Risk Process Loops: A case study using Fire Hazard Analysis to effectively manage fire escalation risk
David Black & Karen Vilas (Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc., USA), Robert Magraw (BakerRisk Europe Ltd., UK)
Analysis of Combustible Dust Flash Fires on Personal Protective Equipment Fabrics
Sean O’Hern, Michael Stern, David Anderson, Alfonso Ibarreta, Timothy Myers (Exponent, Inc., USA)

Global Process Safety

Development of the Singapore QRA Guidelines
Mike Wardman, Jill Wilday & Laurence Cusco (Health and Safety Executive, UK)
Safety Case regulations for Major Hazard Facilities in Cuba
Fidel Ilizástigui Pérez (Office for Environment and Nuclear Safety Regulation (ORASEN), Cuba)
Process Safety Management - Creating a Sustainable Global Approach
Rachelle Doyle (Woodside Energy Ltd., Australia)

Knowledge & Competence

Improving front line and managerial loss of containment incident safety decision making and dynamic risk assessment through new guidance and a training toolkit
Peter Waite (Astrid Consulting, UK), Gary Macalister (Macalister Associated Consultants, UK), Glenn Sibbick (Lincolnshire Business Consultants, UK), Alan McIntyre (Restrata Group, UK), Mark Scanlon (Energy Institute, UK)
Retaining Knowledge for Process Safety Management
Michael Kelleher, Tony Potts & Trixie Pomares (DNV GL, UK)
Using Human Factors risk analyses to develop risk-informed competence standards
Neil Hunter, Jamie Henderson & David Embrey (Human Reliability Associates Ltd, UK)

Systems & Procedures: Hazard Identification

Making your retrospective HAZOP reviews smarter and more efficient whilst still ensuring that key holes in process safety barriers are identified
Graeme Ellis (ABB Consulting, UK)
Development of a Creeping Change HAZID Methodology
Richard Goff & Justin Holroyd (Health and Safety Laboratory, UK)
Practical experience with Deep Dive Assessments to identify key Major Accident Hazard risk factors on operational facilities
Graeme Laughland (ABB Consulting, UK)

Engineering & Design: Chemical Reaction Hazards

Assessment of the maximum gas generation rate of a gas generating system under runaway conditions
Nepu Saha, Marcelo Castier, Rym Kanes & Luc Véchot (Texas A&M University, Qatar)
Managing the Chemical Reactivity Hazards associated with Hazardous Waste
Stephen Garner, Brenton Cox, Brock Bobbitt & Russel Ogle (Exponent, USA), Beverley Parrish (Exponent, UK)

Assurance: Functional Safety

Functional Safety: Finding the right balance
Hervé Vaudrey & Clive de Salis (DEKRA Insight, France)
Proof Testing… A key performance indicator for designers and end users of Safety Instrumented Systems
David Green & Ron Bell (Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd, UK)
Barrier Management in the Design of Unattended Offshore Oil and Gas Installations
Adrian Bunn (Aker Engineering and Technology Ltd, UK)


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