Collier Medal

Named in memory of past president, John Collier, the medal is awarded no more than every three years. The award is co-sponsored by IChemE and the Royal Academy of Engineering and the recipient is nominated by agreement between the two sponsoring institutions.

Who is it awarded to?

The Collier medal and accompanying lecture celebrate the work of past president, John Collier. A trust fund, administered by IChemE, was established by a gift from British Energy Group (now EDF) to enable a biennial lecture and award to be organised by IChemE in conjunction with the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The recipient is always encouraged to draw on the broader implications of energy and other related matters within a broad social context, possibly including emphasis on the interface between energy, the environment and technology.

Given John Collier’s conspicuous interest in communicating difficult engineering and science issues to a broad audience, the medal recipient is also prompted to give consideration to the importance of promoting public understanding of science and technology.

How is the winner decided?

The recipient is nominated by an organising committee consisting of members of the sponsoring institutions.

How do I nominate somebody?

Nominations should be no more than 600 words and sent to:

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When is the deadline?

31 October 2019

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