IChemE will understand how digital technologies, as enabled by systems thinking, engineering and science, affect chemical engineering professionals. IChemE needs to ensure members are aware of the impacts and prepared for change. It will seek to develop member capabilities in the critical enablers for use of these tools – ethical and responsible leadership, education and lifelong learning, and organisational aspects.


We will have achieved our vision if:

  • we are respected for continuing professionalism and technical competence of our members in managing digital tools in a responsible, ethical, and holistic manner
  • we are recognised as a thought leader that provides valuable knowledge, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), member and professional networks for the application of digital technologies in the process industries
  • we are known for sharing valuable knowledge within society to provide the necessary understanding of digital technologies and their application in the process industries, including their benefits and disadvantages
  • we develop outputs that have broad application across these seven subject areas: education, innovation and research, energy, food, drink and nutrition, health and wellbeing, manufacturing and resources, major hazards management, and water.

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Priority topics overview

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