Responsible Production

Responsible Production


We will deliver tangible outputs for use by members and other stakeholders, for the benefit of wider society, on aspects of sustainability and responsible production.


We will have achieved our vision if:

  • we are known as a peer group leader on climate change issues, with a clear vision supporting actions that help mitigate and adapt to the global impact of climate change in a meaningful way
  • we encourage and challenge IChemE’s special interest groups (SIGs) across the spectrum to develop technical action plans to support:

    • delivery on the promotion of responsible production, including the IChemE climate change position, in their area
    • the use of the outputs to encourage chemical engineers and the industries in which they work towards taking greater responsibility for their impact on the environment and communities throughout all phases of production. Those responsibilities should be aligned with the UN’s SDGs
  • we promote professional ethics at all levels from undergraduate teaching and academic research, to providing IChemE members with tools and good practice guides that reflect the societal impact of engineering decisions
  • we actively support and share the insights gained from high-level systems engineering and whole of process life cycle analysis works outside the traditional boundaries of chemical engineering that can be used in collaboration successfully.

More information

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Priority topics overview

For more information on our priority topics, download the overview.

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