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IChemE attendance at COP26

IChemE representatives spoke at three COP26 events.

Official COP26 side event: Climate Action, Resiliency, Ecosystem Restoration and Future Climate Engineering Solutions

3 November 2021

The panel at this event discussed how the climate change fight requires different actors, requiring the combination of new engineering solutions with experiences achieved through ecovillage development and with the work done in the Global South. The role of the media and national energy planning was also discussed.

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Voices of a just and green transition – youth, workers and private sector

5 November 2021

Panellists at this event discussed how the green transition has the potential of creating good quality jobs but is also a big challenge for workers and communities still relying on production from fossil energy.

With perspectives and experiences from industry, trade unions and experts they discussed why a Just Transition based on social dialogue is so important for accelerating actionable pathways to achieve global climate goals.

Ways that young people can prepare for the future was also discussed given that a lot of young people are choosing green education as they both hope that this will lead to a job while some young people also prefer to work with sustainability.

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Evidence-based, deliverable national energy scenarios that help deliver agreed NDCs

6 November 2021

The 2021 IPCC report highlighted the urgent action needed to reduce large-scale greenhouse gas emissions.

Future Climate – Engineering Solutions is a network of professional engineering associations who have developed a peer-reviewed framework methodology to produce clear, science-based, actionable national energy and climate plans, which support governments and policymakers to meet their NDCs, mitigate climate change and achieve the Paris Agreement goals.

This event presented the methodology, example national energy and climate plans developed by engineers and discussed the processes involved.

COP26 Water Pavilion: water climate discussions, call to action and pavilion closing

12 November 2021

This event summarised 12 days of activity in the Water Pavilion at the COP26 event as well as outputs from the Water Climate Discussions held in the lead up to the event.

These activities brought together professionals from the water sector to talk about water climate issues and their many solutions.

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