Responsible Production

IChemE's climate change commitments

IChemE’s climate change position statement contained a number of commitments and initiatives for IChemE, spanning the breadth of our operations.

These range from providing policy advice consistent with net zero and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to offering more training courses that will upskill chemical engineers on carbon reduction and adaptation technologies. Other examples include enhancing the requirements for sustainability and efficiency in the accreditation guidelines for university degrees and developing action plans for economically sustainable transition to net zero carbon in the sectors and regions in which our members are active.

A working group, led by former president Andrew Jamieson, is responsible for prioritising action plans and monitoring progress to ensure that IChemE delivers on these commitments.

Working group

The Climate Change Commitments Delivery working group on was formed in May 2021, with representation from all key stakeholder groups in IChemE. It will be responsible for developing action plans to deliver on the commitments within the climate change position statement. The members are:

  • Andrew Jamieson (Chair)
  • Tom White (Member Engagement)
  • Ainslie Just (Qualifications)
  • Mary Stewart (Climate Change Working Group)
  • Neil Blundell (Learned Society)
  • Les Bolton (Education and Accreditation)