Process safety with Trish and Traci

Trish Kerin, director of IChemE Safety Centre, and Chemical Processing’s Traci Purdum discuss current process safety issues offering insight into mitigation options and next steps.

Educated workforce key to safety in China

Trish and Traci examine recent catastrophic events at chemical plants in China.  Trish offers compelling insight into what might be causing so many accidents abroad.

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Do regulations make chemical processing plants safer?

Trish and Traci discuss process safety regulations. In the end, a safe workspace is a productive workspace and regulations are not meant to keep you down -- they are meant to keep you safe. The key is making sure regulators are educated enough to help you reach your safety goals. 

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Is a Hurricane Harvey hangover the reason for so many safety incidents in Texas?

Trish and Traci discuss the aftermath of a hurricane or extreme weather goes well beyond the event itself. Many issues arise that can cause problems months or even years later. How do you prepare for the current weather and mitigate against accidents in the future?

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Cyber security: It's not if you''ll be hacked - it's when

Trish and Traci discuss cyber security.

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A corroded pipe and decades-old regulations

Trish and Traci discuss a news story from earlier this year regarding the fire and explosions and ultimate shuttering of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions oil refinery.  The official word from the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board is that a corroded pipe fitting, found to be half the thickness of a credit card at its thinnest point, led to that incident. The concern is that the pipe, which was installed when Richard Nixon was president -- 1973 -- went all this time without being properly checked.

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Are corporate manslaughter charges too much for safety incidents?

Trish and Traci discuss if plant management should face punishment for safety incidents.

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