Dr Zsuzsanna Gyenes

Dr Zsuzsanna Gyenes

  • Position Deputy to the Director, Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Centre (ISC)

After graduating with a Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, Zsuzsanna worked in disaster management for the Hungarian Government. During this time she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Public Administration. She then moved into a role as a Seveso Site Inspector for Hungary, at this time she also obtained her PhD cum laude on the development of procedures and tools, for the improvement of industrial safety against external effects from the National Defence PhD Institution in Military Technology in Hungary. Following her time as a Seveso Inspector, Zsuzsanna was the Head of Section for Nuclear Safety in the National Directorate General for Disaster Management in Budapest.

Her most recent role was as a Scientific Technical Officer for the European Commission Joint Research Centre, where she worked to assist member states on learning from incidents and Seveso implementation, including land use planning policy.

Zsuzsanna is a member of the IChemE Loss Prevention Panel Editorial Board.

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