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A series of slide shows to use in safety briefings.

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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is made up of leading process safety experts from across the world. Consisting of chartered engineers and scientists from a range of industries, the Board demonstrates extensive experience of process safety which is reflected in the valuable role they play in sourcing material and peer reviewing papers submitted to LPB.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Editorial Board, please contact the editor, Tracey Donaldson, submitting a copy of your CV.


Panel members

Mr Lee Allford: Consultant, UK
Dr Jim Bickerton: Consultant, UK
Dr Andy Brazier: AB Risk Ltd, UK 
Dr Adrian Bunn: Aker Solutions, UK
Dr Philip Carson: Consultant, UK 
Mr Roger Casey: Cantwell Keogh & Associates, Ireland
Mr Iqbal Essa: Consultant, UK
Dr Bruno Fabiano: University of Genoa, Italy
Mr Colin Feltoe: Safety Solutions, New Zealand
Dr Tony Fishwick: Consultant, UK 
Mr Frederic Gil: Consultant, UK
Mr Geoff Gill: Consultant, UK
Dr Zsuzsanna Gyenes, IChemE Safety Centre, UK
Mr Mark Hailwood: LUBW, Germany 
Ms Fiona Macleod: Unit Operations Limited, UK
Dr Ken Patterson: Consultant, UK
Mr John Riddick: Spectra Energy, Canada 
Mr Doug Scott: CTC plc, UK 
Mr Craig Skinner: BP, UK
Dr Ivan Vince: ASK Consultants, UK
Mr John Wilkinson: Human Instrumental, UK 

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