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During his presidential year, 2014-2015, Professor Geoff Maitland launched a campaign called ChemEng365. The ChemEng365 blog featured chemical engineering good news stories that promoted the importance and contribution of chemical engineering to society in improving quality of life for all. 

Following the successful ChemEng365 campaign, IChemE will continue to blog under a new name – ChemEng blog. The blog’s mission carries on from Geoff Maitland’s presidential year – to shine a light on chemical engineering – by sharing chemical engineering successes, achievements and initiatives. 

How can you help 

To support the ChemEng blog, please contact IChemE’s communications team and share your own success stories and achievements about all things chemical and process engineering. 

You can also contribute to the blog by writing a guest entry on topics ranging from research to careers and much more. Fill out the form on the Contact Us blog page to find out more.

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