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About MediaEnvoys

MediaEnvoys work closely with IChemE’s communication team to provide technical advice on chemical engineering issues, support IChemE’s news output and help respond to enquiries from the media. They also have an important role to help implement the priorities identified in Chemical Engineering Matters, especially improving the public understanding of chemical engineering.

MediaEnvoys are volunteers recruited from IChemE’s members.

Why are MediaEnvoys important?

Stories about chemical engineering appear in thousands of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, online news sites and social media platforms every year. However, chemical engineering can be highly technical and challenging to explain. Journalists sometimes want to talk to experts to gain a better understanding of the issues, often at short notice. MediaEnvoys help IChemE to fulfil this important role.

MediaEnvoys and areas of expertise

IChemE's MediaEnvoys represent all the major fields of chemical and process engineering. Areas of expertise include: 

  • Alternative and renewable energy 
  • NewspapersBiochemical engineering 
  • Catalysis 
  • Computer aided process engineering 
  • Education 
  • Energy conversion technology 
  • Environment 
  • Fluid mixing processes 
  • Fluid separations 
  • Food and drink 
  • Formulated product engineering 
  • Mining and minerals 
  • Nuclear technology 
  • Oil and natural gas 
  • Particle technology 
  • Pharma 
  • Process management and control 
  • Safety and loss prevention 
  • Sustainability 
  • Water


Additional MediaEnvoys provide specialist support for topical issues such as shale gas, and during major incidents involving the chemical and process industries.

What is the level of commitment?

MediaEnvoys can choose different levels of commitment based upon experience and amount of time available. Some MediaEnvoys just provide technical advice and support two or three times a year and have no direct involvement with the media. Alternatively, some MediaEnvoys choose to become an IChemE spokesperson. This may involve representing IChemE on TV, radio and other major media outlets.

Want to become a MediaEnvoy?

Any current IChemE member can become a MediaEnvoy. 

MediaEnvoy online application form >>

More help and information

If you would like more information about the MediaEnvoy initiative please contact IChemE's communication team:

Tara Wilson, IChemE Communications Officer
Tel: +44 (0)1788 534454


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