25 August 2015

Chemical Engineering Matters in Malaysia

Chemical Engineeing Matters in Malaysia

Chemical engineers can, will and must play a role in meeting and addressing challenges facing humanity today. There is no single, one-size-fits-all solution but a range of processes, technologies and strategies that will help achieve more sustainable living in the 21st Century.

The impact of the discipline in the 21st century is set out in the Chemical Engineering Matters report. The report describes the thinking behind everything that IChemE is doing to support its members and promote the profession internationally. It forms the basis of the institution's technical strategy. Chemical Engineering Matters is intended to provoke debate and stimulate activity and engagement both within the profession and beyond it.

Chemical Engineering Matters is a live document and IChemE continually welcomes ideas and proposals that may help raise the profile of the chemical engineering profession in its mission to improve sustainability, enhance process safety and deliver a better quality of life through innovative processes and products.

Dr Alana Collis, Technical Policy Manager at IChemE was in Singapore the previous week and now in Malaysia to receive ideas and proposals from chemical engineers. Together with Theresa Lok, Membership Marketing Executive and Mohan Balasingam, Regional Manager SEA from IChemE in Malaysia they visited Nottingham University Malaysia Campus, Monash University Malaysia, Taylor’s University and University of Malaya to listen to chemical engineers there. They also received the views of delegates at the 6th Regional Process Safety Seminar.

A public session for chemical engineers was also held on 20 August 2015 at the offices of Advisian in Kuala Lumpur. After an introductory presentation by Collis, chemical engineers were asked to share their answers to questions such as :

  • what does chemical engineering look like in Malaysia?
  • what challenges do you face?
  • what opportunities can you see?
  • what do you do and how does it relate to Chemical Engineering Matters?
  • what can IChemE do to support you, your colleagues and your employer?
  • what actions would you prioritise?


Participants placed their answers on a large number post-it notes.

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