03 March 2015

IChemE 2014 medal winners announced

ICHemE medal group

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has announced the winners of its medals and prizes for 2014, with over 20 individuals and organisations being honoured for their outstanding contribution to all aspects of chemical, process and biochemical engineering.

The medals and prizes cover a broad range of categories including services to IChemE, outstanding papers printed in IChemE’s journals and other publications – including the best article in The Chemical Engineer (tce) magazine – and achievements within specific industry sectors.

New medals were also introduced and established in 2014 to recognise the achievements of researchers and academics in a selection of chemical engineering fields including separations, thermodynamics and particle science.

IChemE president, Geoff Maitland, said: “We had a record number of entries to our medals programme this year and I’m delighted to announce so many winners. It just goes to show how much the chemical engineering community values the honour and recognition these medals bestow.

“Our medal winners are a roll call of individuals and organisations that are advancing chemical engineering worldwide. The contributions that are being recognised provide clear proof the chemical engineering matters.”

Winners will receive their awards at a range of events during 2015, including IChemE’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), ChemEngDayUK 2015 and a number of other research conferences.


Senior Moulton Medal1: Y.F. Khalil, S.M. Opalka and B.L. Laube, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), US

Medal awarded to researchers from the United Technologies Research Center for their paper – experimental and theoretical investigations for mitigating NaAlH4 reactivity risks during postulated accident scenarios involving exposure to air or water – published in Process Safety and Environmental Protection.

Junior Moulton Medal2: J.A. Barish and J.M. Goddard, University of Massachusetts, US

Medal awarded to academics from the University of Massachusetts for their paper – anti-fouling surface modified stainless steel for food processing – published in Food and Bioproducts Processing.

Hutchison Medal3: J. Sacher (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile), L. Garcia-Llobodanin, F. Lopez (Universtitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain), H. Segura (Universidad de Concepción, Chile) and J.R. Perez-Correa (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile)

Medal awarded to academics from collaborating universities for their paper – dynamic modelling and simulation of an alembic pear wine distillation – published in Food and Bioproducts Processing.

Hanson Medal4: Andrew McCarter, The Blacksmith Institute, US

Medal awarded for Andrew McCarter’s article – Hidden Danger – published in The Chemical Engineer (tce) magazine in May 2014.

Sargent Medal5: Ignacio Grossmann, Carnegie Mellon University, US

Medal awarded to Ignacio Grossman for his significant contribution to computer-aided product and process engineering.

Underwood Medal6: (Neal) Tai-Shung Chung, National University of Singapore

Medal awarded to Tai-Shung Chung for his exceptional research in the field of separations.

Guggenheim Medal7: George Jackson, Imperial College London, UK

Medal awarded to George Jackson for research excellence in the field of thermodynamics and/or complex fluids.

Geldart Medal8: Colin Thornton, University of Birmingham, UK

Medal awarded to Colin Thornton for his outstanding contribution to particle science.

Frank Morton Medal9: Redhouane Henda, Laurentian University, Canada

Medal awarded to Redhouane Henda for his excellent work in chemical engineering education.

Warner Medal10: Camille Petit, Imperial College London, UK

Medal awarded to Camille Petit for showing exceptional promise in sustainable chemical process technology, nuclear technology and making chemical engineering more accessible

Nicklin Medal11: Niall Mac Dowell, Imperial College London, UK

Medal awarded to Niall Mac Dowell for his exceptional contribution to the process sciences. This medal is awarded to an author who has graduated within the last ten years.

Donald Medal12: Crawford Brown, Activis Biologics

Medal awarded to Crawford Brown for outstanding services and research in biochemical engineering.

MacNab Lacey Prize13: Monash University, Australia

Prize awarded to Monash University for their group design project: Ammonia from Black Liquor.

Arnold Greene Medal14: Stephen Richardson Imperial College London, UK and Ron Dalton, UK

Medal jointly awarded to Stephen Richardson for his long standing engagement with IChemE journals and to Ron Dalton for his contribution to the Scottish Member Group.

Council Medal15: Ken Morison, Canterbury University, New Zealand

Medal awarded to Ken Morison for his dedicated work as editor-in-chief of the Food and Bioproducts Processing journal and his significant input into the journals’ contract review.

Ambassador Prize16: Paul Fennell, Imperial College London, UK

Prize awarded to Paul Fennell for his broad range of outreach activities, including advising the UK Government on decarbonisation, chairing the new Clean Energy Special Interest Group, and helping promote science and engineering to the general public. 

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