26 August 2015

IChemE joins the hunt for UK's leading scientists

Science Council UK - 100 Scientists

The search is on for the UK’s top practising scientists and IChemE is calling on members to join in the hunt.  The UK Science Council initiative, 100 Scientists, was first launched in 2014 to celebrate the contribution and impact scientists make towards the UK’s economy and society.  

The Council is looking for scientists who are helping to shape and drive their profession. In particular, what makes them leaders in their field and why do they deserve recognition?

Nominations from across the UK’s science, engineering, technology and mathematics communities will be reviewed by the Science Council and the star performers will be unveiled next year in the UK 100 leading practising scientists 2016 list.

IChemE policy and communications director, Andy Furlong says: “It’s long been the case that chemical engineering has one foot in chemistry and one foot in engineering.  Great chemical engineering science sits at the heart of our profession.”

“Geoff Maitland’s ChemEng365 blog showed us that there is some great work going on in the UK and I am encouraging IChemE members to identify and nominate excellent chemical engineering scientists.”

IChemE is an assessing body for the Science Council and offers members the option of applying for Chartered Scientists (CSci) registration while qualifying as an IChemE Chartered Member.

Nominations for deserving chemical or biochemical engineers will be accepted by the Science Council no later than 2 October. 


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